Disposable Vaporizer Cartridge

Disposable Vaporizer Cartridge

London Donovan uses only the highest quality vape cartridges that CCELL has to offer. These cartridges are designed to deliver maximum flavour and provide a leak-proof luxurious experience for the consumer. CCELL uses a revolutionary heating element, which features a porous ceramic core to ensure constant fluid saturation. Every cartridge is filled with 0.5g of high potency distillate. We only use distillate which tests over 92% Delta9 THC. Designer terpenes are reintroduced to offer maximum flavour without compromising potency. These cartridges use standard 510 threading and are compatible with most batteries. This product contains only distillate and terpenes – there are no additives.

For quality assurance please visit our lab results page to view our 3rd party test results.

Flavours include

Sour Tangie ♢ Grand Daddy Purple ♢ Pink Kush ♢ Girl Scout Cookies ♢ Jack Herer ♢ Northern Lights ♢ 1:1 THC:CBD ♢ Cherry Pie ♢ Pineapple Express ♢ Zkittlez ♢ Sunset Sherbet